Man Shed Project


In the fall of 2007 I started work on my “manshed”. I had been wanting a place for years to set up Dad’s Brunswick Balke Collender “Saratoga” pool table and a vintage dynamo foosball table that has been unused and neglected in my garage for many years.  I’d originally thought that I would put it in the house once Jeremy moved out, but Lori wasn’t too hep on the idea. I toyed with the idea of building a stand alone shed, but when the numbers were crunched, it looked like more than what I considered reasonable.  So I came up with the idea of putting a wall up in my old shed and making part of it my Bat-lair. One year later (Oct. 2008) the Manshed was christened.  I’ve condensed the story of its birth for you here. I welcome any of my friends, family, and co-workers to drop in anytime.  There is pool, darts, foosball, big screen TV, games, and plenty of fun beverages. The murals are eye popping and freaking HUGE! Kudos to my brother Mike Whelan for the many hours he spent creating them! On clear nights I can set up the 8” Celestron Telescope my brother from another mother, Jeff Bower, handed down to me. (Thanks Jeff!!).  My good friend, and another Brother, Herb Harms gave me a lot of physical and mental assistance during the project.  I’d still be trying to get plywood on the ceiling if I hadn’t had his help. Thanks Herb!!  And special thanks to Lori, who patiently paid the lumber yard and (thankfully) never added up the expenses. I’ve promised her the first turn on the stripper pole when I get one.. :-)

Seriously, mi casa es su casa!!

Fall, 2007   

How do i find the manshed?